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Microgreens are vegetables and herbs at their first stage of growth, shortly after they sprout from their tiny seeds, and just before they grow their first set of “true leaves”.  Lucky Leaf Gardens practices organic farming on all of our products (we don’t use any pesticides, chemicals or harsh soil additives).  Our microgreens are packed with nutrients, picked fresh and delivered the same day, allowing our customers to enjoy the longest shelf life and the highest quality product.

Lucky Leaf Gardens was established in May, 2010, hoping to fill a local void in microgreens production.   After our first crop was harvested, we made one appointment with a local chef, and walked away with our first customer.  Then we tried a few more restaurants, and quickly had requests for more.   Not even a year later, and we’re custom growing for over 25 restaurants and grocers in town, and compiling requests for our products outside of the regional delivery area.  

Lucky Leaf’s products are grown in soil, packing these little gems with more flavor and nutrients than through hydroponics.  We take great care and precision during harvest to improve the shelf life and overall quality and appearance of our products, allowing you to enjoy them to their fullest potential.   Each of our 40+ varieties were selected by chefs and culinary experts for their specific needs – if it’s not on our list, we’ll attempt to grow it for you – a true benefit to working directly with your grower.  

Lucky Leaf’s philosophy is to build relationships with our customers, and provide a consistent, quality-driven, custom-grown product.    We have created mixes specifically for one restaurant or another, depending on the desire as it relates to flavor or appearance.   We’re also growing custom products that focus solely on the nutritional properties.     Our customers feel comfortable knowing that they’re going to receive a top quality product that will hold up to their expectations, and will exceed their plating needs.   

Kate Brun

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