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NRA has come and gone.  For those who did not go to Chicago for the show, you will start to see some of Bauscher USA’s new collections being featured on Deep Plate.  We have a lot of cool shapes being introduced.

Now onto next month.

Who’s up for something different for the July, 2011 exercise?  This month, we feature the Rectangular Bamboo Platter from Tafelstern’s Showpieces collection.

So what’s different this month?  Participate and you will also receive another mystery presentation piece.  Please combine the two items together in your presentation!  Let’s see what you come up with.

I’m up for something different! (Click it to get it)

Submissions will be due by July 25th, 2011.

Showpieces have their own unique charisma and create the right setting without any need for further decoration.

Whether for starters, for presentation of the main course or for a dessert-these uniquely designed pieces provide great
flexibility.  Eating turns into real entertainment.

Translation? It kicks butt! SHOWPIECES

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