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As usual, Vegas is broiling.

 The Midwest and East Coast were hit with oppressive heat.

 Your kitchen is hot.

Bauscher USA, Inc. is on fire!


Last month you got a look at one of our new launches, Emotion.  This month and for the next few months, we are going to keep showing you the latest and greatest porcelain. Keep coming back.  You are the first to create using these articles.


This month:




Harmony and extravagance are by no means mutually exclusive, as shown in the design of the Enjoy collection. The shape of each item features an individual variation
of catenary lines – harmonious, casual curves of natural elegance. The asymmetric pieces emulate the flowing lines of a horizontally arranged chain. The round plates and saucers subtly follow these lines with their classic rim design, and the handles of cups, mugs and pots with their gentle, dynamic contour are delightful to the touch. A refreshing mixture, extraordinary yet simple. Thus, Enjoy is leaving a distinctive mark on porcelain design. Designed for those who not only want to indulge their guests, but to surprise them as well.


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