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Happy New Year to all you DEEP PLATER’S!

Coffee time turns into a small meal

There is this trend going on called Café Gourmand-its epicenter is Paris, France.  The concept revolves around time in between traditional meal times.  A coffee and pastry, a small sandwich and soup, small tastes on a spoon.  It’s an inexpensive new way to present to your guests generating revenue in off peak periods.  While its roots are centered on desserts, it is expanding to all foods at all times of the day.   But where do you find an innovative, cutting edge manufacturer who is providing SOLUTIONS to this trend?




I am pleased to announce that the brand new Solutions line from Tafelstern is available from Bauscher, USA.  Playful, approachable, boutique-all the traits expected from this brand, while delivering beautiful, German made porcelain.

You will receive multiple articles and you will be required to use all in your presentation!  Have fun!

I Want to Play!

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