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In our jobs at Bauscher USA, we travel a lot.  We eat out a lot.  Sometime we have the pleasure of dining at our customers, sometimes you listen to a hotel employee’s recommendation that shouldn’t be making recommendations.  Thus, we have the inspiration for this month’s exercise.

Four of us went out to eat at this steakhouse in a major city.  We ordered the “shrimp platter” and this is what we got:

What a steaming pile for $13.95!  The shrimp was flavorless, the texture was weird and the sauces were gritty and thick.  Check out the lemon wrap and large tong.   Fried spinach?  What a joke.


This month, we are going to rescue this dish, present it in a way that reflects the culinary trends of 2012 (not 1982) on our beautiful porcelain.  That is your assignment.  You must use the components they used to make your dish: Shrimp, Lemon, Spinach, Remoulade and Cocktail sauces.  That’s all you get to use!


I have chosen four plates to use in this exercise.  You will not know what you’re going to get until it arrives.  Please remember the parameters.  If you send me something other than what’s outlined above, I will forward your information to the restaurant we ate this horrific meal at and get you a job there!


Resurrect this dish, make it something great and have some fun this month!


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