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August 2012 Exercise

Let’s Chill!

So I was down in Phoenix working last week and got to meet DEEP PLATER Casey La Rue.  See his work HERE.  The next adventure for him is going to China to work on a new concept.

I had a thought after we made plans to meet; I’d ask Casey to come up with the August exercise.  He said cool and we brainstormed.  After ideas involving blood and such (again look at his posts) we thought it would be cool to have everyone present something that is served cold.  After all, it is summer and it was so hot in Scottsdale that I saw chickens laying hard boiled eggs.


So, this month is a la Casey.  He even picked out the plate (which will be a secret).  If you don’t like it, blame him.  All kidding aside, subscribe to his blog, Tasting Counter.  Good stuff.

Have fun, stay cool, and remember-create a dish that is served cold!



I Want to Deep Plate!

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