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Killer Bowls!

Seriously, the bowl this month is sick!

College Football starts the day I’m writing this.  What a great tradition. It also means cooler weather, the change of seasons, and a new crop of foods being available to us.  It’s time for a new piece of porcelain to present the new season’s bounty.

The Hamptons Deep Plate 10” as we call it was introduced at NRA this year to positive reactions.  I promise, you have not seen something like this before.  This month, it is our pleasure to offer it to you.


“Can imperfection be perfect? Naturally! Especially when this apparent imperfection is an intentional consequence of dexterous creativity with the aim of creating unconventional and organic forms.”

Email me if you want to participate this month.  I’m sure you’re going to love what we are showing.

Roll Tide!


I Want to Deep Plate!

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