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So we run a month ahead on Deep Plate, the November announcement comes out on October, but is anyone else saying, “Where did this year go?”

It’s a good thing new, exciting, fall ingredients are coming out.  And we meet the change this season with a new plate from the Bauscher collection.


This beauty comes from the Emotion line.  You have seen the miniature pieces in previous posts like these.

The collection was so well received; we added larger plates, platters and bowls and expanded the breath of line.  You are some of the first to plate it.  That said, this article is 14” long by 8” wide.  It’s a platter, so let’s see some presentations that show food served on a platter.  Maybe a small roasted protein with veg and starch on it?  Give it some thought; this is not a typical dinner plate.

We look forward to what you come up with.


Just a little teaser-the December article will be something that you’ve never seen from us.  We’re going to end the year with a bang!  Even if I have no idea where this year went!

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