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If you haven’t heard the news, Bauscher USA, Inc. is now in a sales cooperation with the prestigious German brands Hepp and WMF.



We are excited to offer these brands to the market.  Hepp, like Bauscher is credited with “inventing” commercial products, and WMF, like Tafelstern, is that youthful, boutique, exciting brand.  New literature for both brands will be available for the holidays.

The past three months, we have offered you new products from Bauscher and Tafelstern and will continue the tradition this month.

We have offered the ENJOY collection in the past, but not the round plates.  The original flat plates featured a wide rim with a vertical type extreme edge.  While they are well received in the market, we pursued a moderate rim flat plate and that is what we’ll offer this month.

I think you will like the unique rim of this article.  I will use the 32 cm plate, so start thinking about entrée size options.

ENJOY (pun intended) your Holiday season!

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