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Time to spice things up this month; it’s time for a contest.

You will receive the Avantgarde Cream Soup Cup and Saucer.

To win the contest, you must be judged to have the most innovative use of the articles, the most appetizing submission and the best photo.

The judging will be done by a person independent of Bauscher USA, Inc.

Here are some hints:

It’s June, it’s a soup cup, but if you put cream of broccoli soup in the bowl, you’re not being creative enough, and you’re probably not going to win.

Bauscher porcelain’s second fire is at 2,550 degrees.  A 500 degree over will not hurt it.

Picture quality will help, refer to the Deep Plate photo tips page for suggestions.  Find a friend with a camera if you’ve been using your cell phone to submit pictures.

The prize?  Wait and see, but it doesn’t contain lead and the chromatic spectrum is 80%.  Figure it out or win and reap the reward.


Buona Fortuna!

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