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December 2013 Exercise

Happy Holidays!

I know I go on and on with this, but can you believe it’s the Holiday Season already?  I can’t.  I had to go to Target to buy some travel sized stuff for some upcoming trips and there was all the holiday stuff right behind the Halloween stuff.  Man, they start early.  Maybe this year I’ll turn a new leaf and buy presents now and not the day before.  Maybe I can hire someone to do that for me.  That store has too many of these things call “customers”, getting in my way, getting in line before me.  I’m gonna put an ad on Craigslist for a shopper.  If I disappear, tell the authorities I put an ad on Craigslist.  I’ll probably be in a hole in the desert.


OK, that got a little dark.

So, here is the plate.  It is from Bauscher’s Pleasure collection, and is a clean, flat surface to create with.


“Perfect presentation for perfect meals”

 The peak of enjoyment, contemporary cuisine combined with traditional values, unique gastronomical experiences: Pleasure is a new product range destined to present perfect meals perfectly. Whether the cuisine is fusion, crossover or molecular, Pleasure makes every dining trend an experience. And heightens every piece of top cuisine with unique, impressive ambience.


I Want to Deep Plate!

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