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March 2014 Exercise

 Maybe they should have kept Tebow around!

Unless you’re a passionate Seahawks fan that was the worst Super Bowl (I mean big game!) that I ever watched.  The NFL stinks.  College is much more passionate, exciting and has more traditions.  The Seahawks know that.  The 12th man?  I think that’s Texas A&M’s invention.  The Legion of Boom?  Before every Alabama home game, they show big time hits on the Jumbotron and 103,000 people yell, “boom!”  Heck, Seattle even has a college coach!

Enough of that.  You know what doesn’t stink?  This month’s exercise.


This month, we feature one of the three Bloom Bowls from Bauscher’s Compliments collection.  An interesting shape, beautiful German porcelain, and foods look great in it.

Have fun with it, we have a long time between now and the start of football season-college football season!


 Please email me to get your plates for March.

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