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May 2014 Exercise

In the trendy world of Mixology, the Martini is a top dog with a devout following… I mean James Bond himself claims this as his drink of choice in Casino Royale!  Mixologists, both professional and amateur, have found a unique way to recreate this classic cocktail and declare a signature all their own.  And this month we ask you to repurpose this classic stemware with a signature gastronomic delight!


For a year now the Bauscher Hepp, Inc. family has had the pleasure of distributing the Italian glassware brand Luigi Bormioli, and surprisingly we haven’t featured any glass in our exercises!  So for something new & different, this month we’re featuring the Martini glass from the Bach collection.

This collection is distinct particularly for its elegant, faceted design.  In addition to the sophisticated Martini glass, Bach by Luigi Bormioli includes traditional heavy bottom tumblers and Double Old Fashioned glasses, but most recently the collection has added unique wine glasses and a decanter.  Made from SON.hyx high tech, blown, lead free crystal glass, these glasses are not only beautiful they are highly break resistant and ultra-clear.

 So, raise your glass to May’s Deep Plate Challenge and shoot me an email if you want to participate!

Bach by Luigi Bormioli

Please email me to get your plates for May.

I Want to Deep Plate!

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