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June 2014 Exercise

Inspiration is everywhere in our lives, every day; especially for those in the culinary industry.  Here at Bauscher Hepp, we’re lucky enough to be the ones who provide a piece of what can inspire a chef or a new student to invent a new & exciting dish that can skyrocket to the latest trend in food.  Or maybe inspire them to revisit a dish from their past and revive it to a modern day classic!


This month we offer T603373: a deep, oval bowl with a wide, curved rim. With its Inspiration collection, Tafelstern offers countless opportunities to delight and surprise your guests.  The extreme variety of the pieces in this porcelain collection provides the inspiration to experiment with new and creative settings.  Arrangement, presentation and serving melt into the fusion of aromas and flavorsome nuances of fine foods to create a total synthesis of the culinary arts.  Sensuous food experiences come together in a holistic composition of creative cuisine.


Feeling Inspired!? Please email me to get your plates for June.

I Want to Deep Plate!

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