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July 2014 Exercise

 Last month Bauscher Hepp, Inc. exhibited at the National Restaurant Association’s Hotel/Motel Show in Chicago, IL.  It’s always an exciting experience planning and building our booth each year, and having the opportunity to introduce our newest products to the market, often for the first time.

Of course we don’t just look forward to what is in our booth, but also who visits it.  This year one of our Deep Plate participants stopped by the booth to introduce himself and after giving him the grand tour, we offered to let him choose the plate for July’s exercise!

While I’m sure we’ll feature some of our newest collections debuted at NRA such as Purity & Modern Rustic as Deep Plate exercises in the near future, it’s a familiar collection that we feature for July.


Pleasure by Bauscher lifts the limits on the fun of creative experimentation and meal presentation.  Indeed, Pleasure‘s options are the crowning touch to the perfect impression made by food creations.  Its thin body and incisive relief band convey a sense of dynamic movement that fuses tradition and innovation.  Organic, flowing lines and modest simplicity yield the spotlight to food creations.

Pleasure offers enjoyment from every perspective, show us your perspective by signing up for July’s exercise!

  A big thanks to Taras Virstiouk for choosing a great plate for this month!

Pleasure by BAUSCHER