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With the Holiday season in full swing we at Bauscher Hepp wanted to feature an exercise to highlight the excitement of what this time of year is all about: time spent with loved ones.  Whether it’s a low key get together at home with friends and family, or a large reunion out on the town, a lively party makes memories to talk about for years down the road.


This month’s exercise features Tafelstern’s Party Platter from the Showpieces collection.  Porcelain for dinner served buffet style has a challenging double role to fulfill.  It must be ideal to hold and easy to handle, but must simultaneously be as distinctively and attractively designed as possible.  Tafelstern has innovatively and inventively mastered this balancing act with a unique party platter with an extra recess designed to safely hold the stem of a glass and guarantee that one hand is always free for eating.

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Showpieces by Tafelstern

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