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Chef Yury Krasilovsky & Chef Lorenzo Boni from Barilla collaborated on this Holiday themed meal. The two chefs had an excellent message in their presentation of this meal.

“The thought behind this was uniting two cultures into a single plate, everything works so well together.  One day  in our lifetimes we hope that the world will understand and respect each other’s backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.” – Chef Specialist, Yury Krasilovsky & Executive Chef Lorenzo Boni, Barilla

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Main dish– Barilla Ziti with a butter and Parmigiano Reggiano sauce, savoy cabbage and its served with roasted trumpet mushrooms and a smoked European sausage. (Hamptons by Tafelstern)

Recipe – Main Course

Glass– this is a traditional mulled wine that we do both in Ukraine and in Italy, the rim is garnished with cinnamon sugar and a bit of sea salt for contrast. (Solutions by Tafelstern)

Recipe – Mulled Wine

3 compartment Plate: Roasted Chestnuts classic to the season, followed by spices used for the mulled wine (Showpieces by Tafelstern)

Dessert Plate– A classic Italian style Panna cotta made with vanilla, but the added surprise is tart flavor provided by sour cream. (Showpieces by Tafelstern)

Recipe – Panna Cotta