DEEP PLATE aspires to be an open source of inspiration for professional chefs.  

Chefs now have an outlet to continuously present their culinary philosophy in new, creative ways.  Chefs are no longer limited to the resources in their current operation.    

Innovate and share!

This blog will have multiple purposes:

  • to be a tool to practice creative plate presentation through monthly plate composition exercises
  • to be a reference for the chef community on plate presentation (e.g. use Search function for particular food presentations)
  • to offer exposure to the most innovative chefs in terms of presentation

Every month, participants who register will be sent a plate, platter, bowl or other piece of china at no charge and be asked to submit their creative presentation in photo and word format.   There are no rules on type or course to be plated.  The resulting submissions will be posted.   Submissions will be categorized and made available for future reference. 

Please join us!

To Participate

Participants must be either a professional chef or student in the culinary arts.   The monthly exercise will be posted by the first Monday of the month.  To participate in the exercise, please send an e mail to danielle@bauscherhepp.com .  A Participation Form will be e mailed back to you.

Information will not be used for any other purpose than participation in Deep Plate

Please note that participation may be limited depending on availability of materials.  All parties submitting requests will be notified if they have been selected to participate.  


  • EXCERCISES to be introduced on the first Monday of every month and will be titled for the following month (when they will be posted).   For example, February 2009 exercise will be released no later than January 5, 2009.  
  • REQUESTS to participate must be received no later than ten days before submission due date.   For example, February 2009 exercise requests for plate should be received no later than January 22, 2009.
  • FINAL SUBMISSIONS are due on the last day of the month (11:59 pm EST).   For example, February 2009 exercise must be received by January 31, 2009.  
  • RESULTS to be posted throughout the month.

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