Deep Plate introduces “Challenge”.

Who:  Open only to chefs who have previously posted a monthly exercise on Deep Plate

What:  Chefs can challenge another qualifying chefs; Challenge to be selected by Deep Plate

When:  Challenges can take place anytime – not structured in a schedule like the monthly exercises; to be initiated by a qualifying chef

How:    E mail the participants names or questions to: danielle@bauscherhepp.com

Each “Challenge” will be limited to two chefs who, in the spirit of friendly competition, wish to demonstrate their superior creativity and presentation prowess.

Deep Plate will randomly submit tests to each chef in the “Challenge” which may consist of a single piece requiring multiple courses or multiple pieces.  We hope to surprise and challenge!

Chefs mutually decide to participate and determine the timetable to submit.   The results will be posted and voted upon by the Deep Plate participants.